5 Best Ceramic Kamado Grill in 2021-Buyer Guides and Review

Ceramic Kamado Grill In 2021

Discover five different ceramic kamado grills at all price levels and sizes in our guide on the top ceramic grills on the market.

This review of the best kamado grills includes some of the top models on the market. Below is a selection of the best, most popular, and most innovative grills on the market.

Furthermore, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of cooking on a kamado grill and what to expect from the experience, and, finally, what to look for when selecting a grill of this quality, so you can decide which kamado grill will be right for you.

In life, there are almost always going to be times when you want to pursue a passion or hobby further.

Photographers upgrade their lenses, model railroaders build a mountain, outdoorsy types buy a longer trailer. Is it true that grillers do more than just grill?

Most people purchase a big, shiny outdoor kitchen from the store. Charcuterie is a fine art practiced by others. However, for some, purchasing a Kamado grill is the answer.

Here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide that you may want to take a look at if you’re considering Kamado.

5 Best Ceramic Kamado Grill Review

1-Kamado Joe Classic III

Ceramic Kamado Grill


If trading up the typical barbecue pleasure for a life of slow-roasted ribs and brisket (which doesn’t sound like such a bad life…) is your primary worry, start with the very first grill on our list, which also comes on our list of great backyard charcoal grills.

The Kamado Joe Classic III is our top pick for the best Kamado grill, as it offers the best combination of creative features, versatility, and successful cooking at a reasonable price.

In a growing market by the Big Green Egg  Kamado Joe has carved out a niche for itself.

While it isn’t the first, it is certainly creative and has introduced a fresh perspective to the industry.

There are several different models in Kamado Joe’s lineup, including the Classic III 18″, the Big VIII 24″, and the Joe Jr.

  • Ceramic construction thick and durable
  • Despite its moderate size, the grill is versatile
  • Easy to use, includes many accessories
  • Sliding ashtray, slow-roller, maybe the tabletop color the Even though them maybe and other innovative features
  • Hinges and top vents were redesigned
  • In comparison with other kinds of the grill, it’s quite pricey

2-Primo Grills and Smokers 773 All-in-One Kamado Round Grill with Cradle Shelves, Ash Tool and Lift

Primo Grills and Smokers


Somebody who is used to cooking on a large grill, such as a gas barbecue, may be afraid to try cooking on a Kamado grill because of its circular form.

Huge cuts may be difficult to accept since the grill area is limited, different heat zones are difficult to obtain, and varied heat zones are difficult to achieve. If you’ve been thinking about these things, the Primo Oval can help.

In addition to the extra width, you can divide up the charcoal into two distinct heat zones that are ideal for searing while cooking indirectly. This way, you can grill a rack of ribs without burning any of them.

The Primo Oval is a ceramic monster that weighs 250 pounds and is created in the United States. However, that weight includes a cast-iron top vent and 300 square inches of cooking space. Do you think 300 isn’t enough? It’s no problem! With a rack system, the grill may be stretched to 495 square inches.

Primo also provides a 400 square inch Oval XL, which comes in two sizes and has a Jack Daniel’s limited edition that would look amazing in the backyard. A compact 210 square inches and a conventional 18.5” round ceramic grill are also available.

The retractable grills should last a long time, and the spring-loaded hinge makes removing the heavy lid a lot easier than it would be otherwise. For neophytes, their website has some wonderful Kamado cooking instructions, and if you enjoy the grill, you can get Primo-branded apparel to wear while cooking.

Even though it appears to be a high-quality Kamado, it does not come with many of the fascinating attachments that are available for it. Unless you purchase the “All-in-One” package, which includes a cart and cradle, slide side tables, an ash tool, and a great lifter, it doesn’t come with something.

That grill that expands? Separately available. The firebox divider is the same way. If you prefer to order a la carte, this isn’t a major concern, but if you’re price shopping, it’s critical to compare apples to apples.

  • Heavy-duty ceramics t
  • Extra cooking space is provided by the oval grill
  • Increased life-span of grills with dual sides
  • Heavily laden

3-Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic Joe II

Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic Joe II


For those of you who aren’t concerned about money, who love grilling so much, who would like to own the most beautiful and the smartest Kamado on the market, then the Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic Joe II is what you need. I can’t believe how beautiful it is! The art piece would look beautiful in anyone’s yard, wouldn’t it?

So, in terms of engineering, build quality, functionality, beautiful appearance, and wow factor, Dennis Link letter’s Komodo is THE world’s premier Kamado grill. Dennis Link letter acquired a Kamado manufacturing business in Indonesia at the age of 18. His new grills combine cutting-edge functionality with a stunning look.

The first Kamado is the 23” Maximum, but it has been gradually enhanced since its debut 12 years earlier, and it now comes in six sizes, ranging from a 16” tabletop to a 42” beast.

The tiles affixed to the outside with space-grade glue now allow for 40 color changes, as seen on the website.

The 23” Ultimate has 375 square inches of the main grill, 274 square inches of the top grill, and 329 square inches of the bottom grill. That’s almost 1000 square inches of cooking space. It takes a crew to lift this magnificent beast. Because the overall weight is 588 pounds, I’m referring to an American football squad.

All three cooking grills are made of 3/8′′ / 9mm 304 stainless steel and can be used in four different cooking orientations! Many of the fittings and fixtures are likewise 304 stainless, including the charcoal basket, which is 1/4′′ / 6.35 mm 304 stainless, the heat shield/ash screen, which is 3 mm 304 stainless, and the heat shield/ash screen. All of this high-quality material adds a lot of weight to the package.

The structure is a multi-layered, extremely well-insulated grill, with the lid alone weighing 120 pounds! Fortunately, Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic Joe II designed a ‘self-opening hinge for the lid, which opens on its own after the latch, is flipped. It’s also simple to close. So do not be put off by the weight; it’s incredibly simple to use, regardless of your size or power.

This grill appears to be extremely well-engineered and constructed of only the finest materials. A 16-pound bag of charcoal will burn for 85 hours at 235 degrees Fahrenheit due to the high quality of the materials used and their exceptional insulation. As a result of the grill’s best-in-class fuel efficiency, you’ll save money over time when compared to other brands.

Even by way, the Serious Big Bad, a 42-inch version, weighs an estimated 1500 pounds and costs more than $9,000!It’s a good thing there’s a monthly payment plan since it could still be yours – and if you do purchase one, please send me a photo.

  • The assemblage Even though of the rear gas door as an option
  • Silicone seals for food applications
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from
  • The price is very high

4-Weber 15401001 Performer Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black

4-Weber 15401001 Performer Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black


The relatively time-consuming operation of lighting the coals is the major obstacle for many grillers. Despite the fact that a chimney starter can help speed up the process, some people are hesitant to give up the comfort of a gas barbeque with its push-button ignition.

Weber understands how much you like grilling and how much you value ease.

As a result, when they finally entered the Kamado arena (which was only lately), they included a gas-fired igniter. The propane-powered igniter comes to life with a push of a button, and your charcoal should be blazing in minutes without the use of an electric lighter, chimney, or starter cubes.

Surprisingly, Weber makes no mention of Kamados on its website. They prefer to think of it as a multi-purpose charcoal grill and a natural progression from their well-known kettles. In comparison to other ceramic grills, it does resemble a typical charcoal barbecue.

With such a 24” diameter grill, there is plenty of cooking surface area, 452 square inches to be exact. Despite its massive capacity, the Summit is only 111 pounds, and that is only the shipping weight. (The weight of the grill is not listed on the Weber website.)

  • Charcoal grills from the most trusted name
  • Having a lightweight
  • Easily lighted
  • The price is moderate

5-Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg


If we’re talking about trying something different or leaping into foreign water, diving into strange waters can be nerve-wracking.

While I do not advise the latter, trying new things can be exciting. It can be difficult to make a decision when you are unfamiliar with the area. It’s sometimes advisable to go for the most popular and well-known option; after all, if so many people are talking about it, it’s gotten me good, right?

You can’t Google “Kamado grills” and not come up with a slew of results for the Big Green Egg. It is, without a doubt, the Western world’s ancestor of the current Kamado. It even has its cult following: “eggheads,” the original Kamado aficionados.

The Big Green Egg, unlike many other brands that have become popular thanks to brilliant marketing but are inferior products, is a high-quality product. Even though the ceramic is top-of-the-line, and the top and bottom vents have been meticulously designed for precise temperature management. The stainless steel grid should last for years with no maintenance, and the porcelain exterior will keep gleaming and green.

  • Industry’s most recognizable name
  • Excellently crafted
  • Choose from seven sizes
  • Accessorizes minimally

FAQ- Best Ceramic Kamado Grill

Ceramic Grills are Expensive. Is it worth it?

Conclusion. If you grill a lot, you may want to consider a Kamado grill. Kamados are great for pretty much any kind of cooking, which means that most people buy them and use them all the time!

Should I get a Kamado Joe?

We recommend the Classic II Kamado Joe if you are unsure which one to purchase. If you need more grill space, we suggest upgrading to the grill expander accessory. Alternatively, you could get a Big Joe Kamado if you want more cooking space.

Do you prefer Kamado Joe or Big Green Egg?

The Kamado Joe line of grills offers more for your money by bundling their accessories and grills together. We prefer Kamado Joe grills because they have a higher utility value than BGE grills since the quality is pretty much the same.

Does a Kamado grill allow regular charcoal to be used?

Despite the fact that charcoal briquettes can work in them, they are not the most suitable fuel for your Kamado grill. To burn, briquettes need air to pass through the corners.


I hope that this article has answered any questions you had about deciding whether or not a Kamado is right for you. A good outdoor cooker provides years of enjoyment and delicious food, and the right one can be the perfect addition to your outdoor living area.

Moreover, you will never get bored of your Kamado if you enjoy all kinds of food. The price for these barbecues is a little higher than a regular barbeque, but I believe they’re worth it.

I recommend all of the grills outlined above as the top recommendation, but I think the one that does the job the best is clear.

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